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624 Productions, LLC is a full service film production company in New Jersey. From planning to post productions, we handle all types of challenges that come with video production. We conceptualize your vision with our team of award winning experts and bring your vision to life.

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We listen to your vision and pain points.


We strategize and build a budget, filming schedule and location scouting.


We excute the plan and make your vision come to life!


Our post production experts will bring your vision to the next level.


Once your film is finalized, we help you with distribution and marketing.


We are passionate about film making and thrive to deliver the best work for our clients and ourselves.


Nuse, the heavy metal band out of New Jersey, released this new single on July 22nd, 2021. “Swept Away,” off the band’s latest record, “Evilution – Volume I,” which is now available on Apple Music, Spotify, CD Baby and all other major online affiliates.

The video for “Swept Away” features actor Ronnie Marmo (Criminal Minds, General Hospital and West of Brooklyn) & Janelle Gaeta (Mobsense & Silent Partners). Jon Zazula, founder of Megaforce Records (Metallica, Anthrax, Overkill, Testament), quoted the video with one word, “Powerful!” The video won “Best Music Video” with IMDB monthly awards.


David Larino is an actor who hasn’t had a successful job since his hit sit-com “Average Alien” twenty years ago. Now David can’t even get an audition, and recently lost his bartending job. He is broke and at the end of his rope. He decides to tempt fate with the help of his manager, LARRY KAUFMAN, and his niece, CHRISTY LARINO. His plan is to fake being a drug addict, get onto a celebrity rehab show called “Recovering Stars,” and revive his career. In order to test positive for drugs upon entering rehab, Christy cleverly devises a plan to refill her father’s prescription of Vicodin, that he had from a recent vasectomy.

After leaving rehab, he lands the role of a lifetime on a new TV drama called “Triple Play,” created by one of the most famous TV producers in the industry, MATTHEW BREISS. It works. David is realizing his lifetime dream as his guilt sets in about his exploitation of a real disease. He struggles to sleep and avoids phone calls and texts from fellow rehab alumni who are looking for support. The guilt and lack of sleep eventually drive him into real opioid addiction, and the destruction of his new found fame. David spirals into a serious heroin addiction and hits bottom.


Jonathan Burke, a highly successful financial advisor, meets Jenna Casey, a paralegal who is also an apsiring lawyer, on the night of his 40th birthday and it’s love at first sight. Unfortunately for Jonathan there are a few issues standing between him and Jenna.

Not only does Jonathan have to deal with his best friend Andy’s obsession with adult films, but Andy also thinks Jenna looks exactly like a famous adult film star and will stop at nothing to prove it.

To make matters worse, Jonathan’s egotistical and hypocritical boss, Joe, appears to be blackmailing him – and things only get more complicated when Jonathan discovers that Joe is also Jenna’s brother-in-law.

Who ever said that love was easy?

“Who’s Jenna…?” is an original story written by Tom Baldinger.


A hitman named Scott attempts to go on the run after his identity is discovered. It lwads him down a dark path as he’s forced to confront his past. Along the way, he is pitted against old enemies and assassins waiting to take him out.


Navigating your way through love can be just as complicated as trying to figure out New York city’s subway system. Henry and Nicole are two heartbroken people who weren’t looking for love, in fact they really gave up on the concept. But fate seems to have a different plan. The question is, what happened in their pasts that has discouraged them in finding true love.

“Two Sides of Love” is an original story by Tom Baldinger — a brilliant romantic comedy that will have you falling head over heels for fabulous, dysfunctional love!


After coming home to discover his wife murdered and his daughter missing, a man desperately tries to find those responsible with the hope that his daughter might still be alive.

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